Single Hydraulic Series
Turnkey solution for High quality PET Perform Production

Single Hydraulic Series series PET perform injection molding machines are designed & manufactured for higher output preform production under the precondition of PET preform freeā€“drop mode. Match with standard cavities (16, 24, 32 and 48 cavities), our machine can bring you obvious benefit, fast cycle time, high output, stable running, energy saving.

Comparing with the common PET preform injection molding machine which can have a cycle time 20 seconds for 12.5g 29/25 neck, Single Hydraulic Series PET preform injection molding machine can reach proven 14 seconds while under the high stability & perfect preform quality, 30% shorter at least, all which come from the professional considered points in injection speed, mold open/close + eject speed, hydraulic circuit design, driven system, while the end is to help our customer to achieve a lowest production cost for each PET preform.

Technical Description
  • 5-piont rigid toggle system
  • Low pressure mold protection function
  • Integral casting injection blend with linear rail movement to reduce moving load
  • Nitriding screw and barrel, 24:1, unique design for PET
  • Double ripple screw mixing section & gear plasticization outlet 
  • Full closed heat insulating cover for barrel
  • Nozzle protection cover
  • Back pressure adjustment function, Intelligent adjustment standby
  • Injection unit anti-slip aluminum cover
  • With Austrian KEBA computer the control system has a stable and reliable performance.
  • High capability servo +gear pump system
  • UPS protection for PLC controller
  • Unattended running operation lock switch