Dual Hydraulic Series
High-speed PET Preform Injection System
Dual Hydraulic Series injection molding machines are designed and manufactured for high output preform requirement, dedicate to present high-speed injection solution for PET preform production. They have been engineered to achieve the lowest possible cycle times during the PET preform injection molding process.

Technical Description
● Servo driven as power source
● 30% shorter cycle time, higher output
● High efficiency plasticizing, 30% higher than others
● 30% larger injection capacity, fast injection speed
● Advanced whole body designed injection unit support
● Super injection repeatability: Plasticization position precision-0.1mm; Injection time precision-0.001s; Hold-pressure time precision-0.0001s
● Strong clamping toggle & precise mold clamping
● Eject-on-fly, smooth ejection and closure drop
● Perfect & consistent closure’s weight, size, profile