Mirco Pitch Distance Seies
High-efficient solution for High quality PET Perform Production
KLS series plastic injection molding machine is a kind of general purpose plastic injection system, which can meet with wide plastic applications, such as PE, PP, PS, NYLON, PC, ABS, etc. Standard range from 100 ton to 500ton. They are all based consistently on one and the same platform, so that basic innovations and proven solutions are available across all machine ranges. Based on the modular concept and there is tight scalability within a series, Kronce-Smargon can configure a production solution that colsely matches your plastic injection application requirement.
Technical Description
  • 5-piont rigid toggle system
  • Low pressure mold protection function
  • Automacit volumetric concentrated auto lubrication system
  • One-stop automatic mold-adjustment
  • The clamping system increase the clamping force by pushing the hinge to increase the stroke; High pressure clamping by using small hydraulic displacement
  • Balanced dual cylinder injection system
  • Dual-cylinder carriage moving device
  • Integral casting injection blend with linear rail movement to reduce moving load
  • Double ripple screw mixing section & gear plasticization outlet 
  • PID nozzle and barrel temperature control with solid-state relay
  • Plasticizing cold start prevention function
  • Multi-stage pressure & speed adjustment system for injection, holding-pressure & plasticizing
  • Equipped with the package counting function, the host can be connected to the location packaging device
  • Differential valves for plasticization action, to ensure the larger capacity