SMM Blow System
Economic Solution

SMM series is a kind of manual-operating-mode blow molding machine to produce various of PET container from 0.05L to 5.0L. Low investment, easy operation, low maintenance and high quality control are its main merits, and it is very suitable for PET bottle blowing business startup stage.

Each set of SMM machine is made up of two independent components: Preform heating oven & Bottle Blower, and can be applied for all kinds of PET container application, including water, drinks, oil, jar, cosmetic, medicine, etc.

SMM-720 is a two-cavity manual platform conceived for PET containers up to 2.0 liters, with output up to 720BPH for 500ml round water bottle with 30/25 neck.
SMM-360 is a one-cavity manual platform conceived for PET containers up to 5.0 liters, with output up to 360BPH for 3000ml round bottle with 48/41 neck.
SMM-GJ is a one-cavity manual platform conceived for PET containers up to 20.0 liters, with output up to 50BPH for 20L round water bottle with 55mm neck.

Technical Data
SMS-720 SMS-360 SMS-GJ
Max. Output
For Water Bottles BPH 720* 360** 90***
For CSD Bottles BPH 600* /
Bottle Dimension
Outer Dia.(Max) MM 110 170 280
Height (Max) MM 350 350 450
Volume Range L 0.05~2.0 2.0~5.0 Up to 20.0
Blow-molding Station
Cavity Number Cavity 2 1 1
Cavity center distance MM 130 / /
Preform Special Pitch MM 50.8 95.25 127
Pressure for Operation bar 8~10 8~10 8~10
Pressure for Blowing bar 25~30 25~30 25~30
Cooling Water
Pressure bar 4~5 4~5 4~5
Temperature 10~15 10~15 10~15
* For 0.5L bottle standard round shape
** For 3.0L bottle standard round shape.
*** For 18.9L bottle standard round shape.
It depends on the preform design,preform thickness, bottle design and qualith of PEt resin.
Technical Description

1、Manual Preform Feeding
2、Infrared Preform Heating
4、Manual Bottle Discharging