• Properly pre-shipment trial
    Properly pre-shipment trial is always important job in Kronce. Today, we have finished inline trial for 24-cavity complete compression line for 38/33 cap production. During the trail, we have recorded all parameters, taken full line running video, and a…
  • Fast way to share documents to customer
    Kronce built a fast way to share the necessary documents while big size, which can make more tight communication between Clients and Kronce. Different from fast-moving consumer goods, the sales and display of large-scale machinery and equipment, such…
  • Online support from Kronce Team
    KRONCE has prepared very useful remote service to help our customer to start up our system by self smoothly, which include full set of demo videos from A to Z for machine’s location and installation, and full set of technical files for machine’s compone…
  • KS-PET48/75SR arrived at the client factory
    Two sets of Kronce KS-PET48/75SR PET preform injection molding production line have arrived at the client\\\'s factory. 48-cavity PET preform mold, PET preform takeout robot and post cooling, which will bring the higher output for the client.
  • Project trial for our customer in Africa
    Today, we have finished one more projects trial for our customer in Africa, which includes one set of 48-cavity preform system with robot and two sets of 6-cavity fully electrical blowing system.