K-PET Preform System
Fast & Efficient
K-PET PET preform system, launched by KRONCE-SMARGON, specially focus on the fast-speed PET preform production system, the brand new solutions from expanded PET preform production system range and drawn from years of experience in PET preform field of KRONCE-SMARGON P. Whatever platform strategy, mature technology and innovative solution, K-PET preform systems bring to you optimal combination possibilities for highly efficient and lasting PET preform production systems, enhance your benefits.

K-PET PET preform system is an energy efficient, reliable and low maintenance solution for PET preform injection molding, various capabilities, tight process control, accurate mold tolerances and high quality auxiliaries, all these make K-PET preform system a more sustainable system that offers lower product costs. With KRONCE-SMARGON as the single-source supplier for the complete turnkey workcell, K-PET preform system includes the hot runner, mold, machine, robot and post-mold cooling, are engineered and manufactured by KRONCE-SMARGON and designed particularly to work together as a fully integrated workcell to achieve the industry’s higher levels of PET preform productivity and top PET preform quality, bring you the perfect cost-efficient solutions under the minimizing cycle times and maximizing output.

K-PET preform system, equipped with dual barrel & screw injection unit for synchronous charging where the synchronous actions can save the cycle time about 30%, three station PET preform take-out robot with post cooling which can reduce the cooling time inside mold at least 30%, imported heating bands with energy saving as well as updated barrel heat protection which can save energy more than 40%, advanced electrical & hydraulic circuit work together to realize the energy saving about 30-50% according to the different weight PET preform(The optional various displacement pump and servo driven motor & pump will increase this energy saving more), plus the excellent design for PET preform and high precision standard for preform mold parts, as well as the KRONCE-SMARGON’s professional know-how & experience focus on the PET preform injection and PET bottle stretch-blow, such as the stretch ratio, the wall thickness and the preform weight trend, all the features in K-PET preform system assure you can produce the top class PET preform with fast speed, high stability, high repeatability, energy-saving, results in the lowest PET preform cost and help you get the profit at the maximal extent to grasp the market.
K-PET preform system, capable of producing over 34000 preforms per hour, available in five models, K-PET24-90A, K-PET24-90B, K-PET48A (35), K-PET49B (46) and K-PET72A (35), matching with 48-cavity and 72-cavity PET preform injection mold separately, to suit for your PET preform production requirements. With the intended role, K-PET96A PET preform system, KRONCE-SMARGON offers you the right solution as you need.

Each model of K-PET preform system displays characteristics that suit even the most specific production needs: from heavy preform production, to standard or light preforms:

K-PET24-90A, 24-cavity PET preform injection mold, PET preform take-out robot with 72 pcs of post cooling tubes, focus on the production of heavy weight PET preform from 67g to 90g using for 3-5L pure water bottle with 48/41 neck, 24seconds cycle time, 3600pcs per hour output.

K-PET24-90B, 24-cavity PET preform injection mold, PET preform take-out robot with 72 pcs of post cooling tubes, focus on the market of production of heavy weight PET preform from 90g to 120g using for 5L edible bottle with 45mm press type edible oil neck, 28seconds cycle time, 3085pcs per hour output.

K-PET48A (35), 48-cavity PET preform injection mold, PET preform take-out robot with 144pcs of post cooling tubes, full automatic, focus on the pure water market for standard weight PET preform below 35g for pure water bottle up to 1500ml, the fast cycle time as 7.5seconds as it can, the output can reach 23000pcs per hour as maximal.

K-PET48B (46), 48-cavity PET preform injection mold, full automatic PET preform take-out robot with 144pcs of post cooling tubes, focus on the market of standard weight PET preform(below 46g) for carbonated drink or pure water bottle up to 1500ml, the cycle time can be less as 7.5seconds, 23000pcs per hour.

K-PET48A (35), an enhanced model based on K-PET48A(35) aiming at the higher output. 72-cavity PET preform injection mold, PET preform take-out robot with 216pcs of post cooling tubes, full automatic, focus on the pure water market for standard weight PET preform below 35g for pure water bottle up to 1500ml, the fast cycle time as 7.5seconds as it can, the output can reach 34000pcs per hour as maximal.

Technical Description
K-PET PET preform system, including the hot runner, mold, machine, robot and post-mold cooling, all the key parts are selected carefully from the world-famous company by the skilled specialists, high quality imported components manufactured under top-class standard, to reach the K-PET running by fast speed, stability, reliable.
1、Synchronous Injection, Shorten cycle up to 30%, Lower AA value less 4
Melt quality is a decisive factor in the quality of PET preforms. K-PET PET preform systems offer both reciprocating screw and dual-stage injection units, synchronous plasticization and injection operation, not only increasing the plasticizing rate, shortening the molding cycle up to 30%, enhancing the injection accuracy, but also effectively lower the AA level.

High-performance screws with special geometry designed for PET resin rotates more slowly than conventional PET screws for the same throughput, guarantee a continuous plasticizing to produce a gentle preparation of melt and minimize the formation of acetaldehyde(AA value) during plasticizing, ensuring homogenous melted PET resin for smooth injection & perfect PET preform production, with a very fast cycle time. They permit to keep the AA value extremely low, with the desired positive effect that the subsequent PET bottle is of neutral taste.

Graphite moving base plate for whole injection unit guarantee the precise movements, which mean high repeatability and shot weights that are precise within very close tolerances, push K-PET preform system deliver consistently high melt quality and very high throughput, combined with lower power consumption (measured as kW/kg/h) as he can.
2、Strong Clamping, Clean dry cycle 20% lower, realize the fast mold clamping
The clamp has been optimized with the use of finite element analysis, improving the strength and stiffness of the structure, results as an increased, proved speed, and high stability. Complete close-loop system for mold open and close, driven by REXROTH servo valve, allows a more precision control and stable operation.

The special clamp guarantees outstanding platen parallelism, the moving platen, guided by the tie bars, ensures precise, tilt-free closing and opening movements, even with heavy and multiple cavity molds up to 96cavities. This protects the critical thread and cone areas and minimizes wear on the PET preform mold. Molds used in K-PET systems are capable of running over 5,000,000 cycles without the shaping components needing refurbishing.

The special mechanism for the toggle opening and closing further quickens the whole process, contributing to the overall reduction of cycle time. Siemens PLC synchronizes the movement of the toggle with that of the preform take-out/cooling robot, making it possible to further reduce the time of the robot in extracting the preforms. Very fast cycle times are possible thanks to the reduction of the dry cycle in K-PET system, which is 20% lower while more stable than many other preform machines currently on the market.
3、SIEMENS Close-loop Control, Fast response, Stable running
Work with latest Siemens technology, adopt KEBA PLC controller, KRONCE-SMARGON developed our own control program & system, charge for all the functions running for PET preform injection molding process, incorporates the closed loop control of injection speed & holding pressure, profibus high-speed close loop communication, fast response, action coordination, with detailed & complete security protection and SPC data count & analysis function, remote monitor & trouble shooting is available. In additional, operators can be assigned with different operation right, restricting the access of advanced setting to dedicate person, assuring the good control of production quality.
4、Powerful hydraulic heart, fast response, high precision while 30-50% energy saving
Applying imported word famous hydraulic components, REXROTH close loop & fast response servo valve, INTERMOT plasticizing motor, VICKEERS hydraulic oil pump, system pressure and flow proportional control, incorporated with hydraulic servo valve system & large accumulators up to 200L to optimize operation of the entire machine and guarantee that the K-PET meets today preform injection molding standards: Pressure equalization, steady movement, achieve rapid cycle time while guarantee the quality of PET preforms.

All the actions of Injection, Charging, mold open/close, eject, are done & controlled by the REXROTH BOSCH close-loop servo controller valve, pass through multiple-grade filtrate circuit made by the PALL ultra-micron high precision hydraulic oil filters, from the oil tank to oil pumps, from oil pumps to accumulators, from accumulators to servo valves, the pressure could be monitored & revise upon the feedback, fast respond and high precision.

With latest closed loop variable displacement pump technology and accumulator, the hydraulic system deliver a more stable system and also with better energy saving performance, the flow of the system pump have been maximized to enhance the operation of the overall hydraulic system. Optimized position of all the valves and manifolds in related to the actuators, both improve the control, accuracy and responsiveness of the hydraulic circuit. Hence, the advanced electrical & hydraulic circuit work together to realize the energy saving about 30-50% according to the different weight PET preform.
5、Side entry PET preform take-out, Post cooling save cooling time more than 40%
The production of high quality and clean preform in K-PET is ensured by a special side-entry PET preform take-out robot with cooling station, which makes the preforms are cooled in a separate three-stage post-mold cooling station and the cooling station s performance means that 80% of the required cooling time can be implemented outside the mold. The preforms are held in individual, contoured tubes in the cooling plates and cooled by water at 7 °C & 10bar(The cooling water are transfer by the PARKER flexible tube to ensure no block during the movement). The cooling station s modular design combined with fast stripping by the high-speed take-out system makes it possible to enables the high-speed, vibration-free removal of preforms from the mold, shorten the cooling time inside the mold, in turn facilitating further savings in terms of the overall cycle, achieve the fast PET preform production while the preform quality remains consistently high.

The complete post-mold PET preforms take-out system, including the gripper and cooling station, are engineered as compact units with a small footprint. All traverses are short and direct. SEW Servo drives on all axes and rugged mechanical systems ensure that the whole system is highly dynamic. The use of THK (JAPAN) linear guide rail & bearing & ITALY synchronous belt guarantee the accuracy of the robot movement, unique speed-decrease gear, ensure the speed and precise brake position during the high-speed movement of robot. Siemens servo control unit has been integrated with the overall Siemens PLC control system and resulting in a convenient operating experience, and a stable control.