KS-SR Preform System
Fast & Efficient
KS-SR Series PET preform injection molding system are designed & manufactured by KRONCE-SMARGON, with Single-station PET preform take-out robot and post cooling, and cycle time capacity below to 12 Seconds per shot, providing the alternative solution for the PET preform production and complete KRONCE-SMARGON s PET preform system with robot solution from 6000pph to 20000pph output filed and better for your selection.

Technical Description
Single barrel and screw injection unit.
260T platform is available for mold 24-cavity and 32-cavity
Fully servo motor driven mode, thereinto, two as power source for main injection machine and other two as power source for robot.
Single station PET preform take-out robot and post cooling station.
Synchronyactions, shorter the cycle time 60% than the common PET preform injection molding machine in the market.
- Larger plasticization capacity 50% than others,
  reduce the plasticization time 40% based on the
  excellent plasticization result.
- Differential overflow technology against normal
  valve core flow control mode, shorter the action
  cushion, faster the dry cycle.
- Energy efficient, up to 80% energy saving.
- Simple start-up process.