SMPA Blow System
Energy Saving
Based on Kronce-Smargon’s plenty expertise and know-now in PET bottle blowing, SMPA series automatic stretch blow molding machine has been entirely redesigned. Its development has led to new high-speed manufacturing solutions aimed at productivity and package quality for PET bottles.

Kronce-Smargon’s linear technology meets the most complex needs but involves reduced investments, while providing maximum reliability and improved process flexibility. Kronce-Smargon has devoted unparalleled
 goals force us to innovate.

Kronce-Smargon’s goal in the development of this new range of linear blow molding machines was to create a simple and extremely versatile technology which is able to provide the customer with the highest performance compared to the linear blow molding machine available on the market while maintaining an excellent container quality.

The range consists of 2 basic platforms: SMPA4-4000XL and SMPA4-5000:

SMPA4-4000XL is a platform conceived for big size containers up to 2.0 liters, with output up to 4000BPH per machine. It adopts fully pneumatic driven mode, with particular pitch changeover system to ensure the machine to produce targeted large bottle with very low heating power consumption.

SMPA4-5000 is a platform conceived for small size containers up to 0.75 liters, with output up to 5000BPH per machine. It also benefits from the other technological innovations of SMEA linear blowers developed by Smargon, especially the electric-servo driven clamping and transferring system.

Technical Data
Max. Output
For Water Bottles* BPH 4000** 5000**
For CSD Bottles* BPH 3600** 4000**
Bottle Dimension
Outer Dia.(Max) MM 108 70
Height (Max) MM 340 240
Volume Range L 0.3~2.0 0.05~0.75
Blow-molding Station
Mold Cavity Number Cavity 4 4
Mold Cavity Center Distance MM 127 90
Preform Spindle"s Pitch MM 50.8 50.8
Pressure for Operation bar 8~10 8~10
Pressure for Blowing bar 25~35 25~35
Cooling Water
Pressure bar 4~5 4~5
Temperature 10~15 10~15
*For 0.5L bottle standard round shape.
**It depends on the preform design, preform thickness, bottle design and quality of PET resin.
Technical Description

1、Preform Feeding
The preforms are feeding in bulk via belt elevator and linear unscrambler. The preforms are lowered by gravity, neck up, into the charging robot that feeds the machine. For each cycle, the preform loader places 4 preforms onto the conveyor belt at the same time.
2、Heating Conditioningg
Preform enter the oven, neck down. Thanks to a very efficient oven cooling and cross ventilation system, necks and preform holders are protected against overheating while preform surface is perfectly cooled to avoid crystallization even for thick preforms and high production rates.
3.Pitch Distance Changeover
Upon leaving the heating conditioning, the preform will go into pitch distance changeover position. By slider&jaw, the abutting preform’s center distance will change from 50.8mm during heating to be the same as mold’s cavity pitch for blowing, which can ensure the machine to produce required bottle with possible short heating tunnels.
4、Stretching & Blowing
After center distance changeover, the preforms are introduced into the blowing mold. The longitudinal stretching of the preform is carried out by the stretching rod, whose stroke can be mechanical adjusted. Pre-blowing at medium pressure can be adjusted by means of manual valves that make it possible to synchronize it with the stretching. The high-pressure blowing is activated after the pre-blowing, with adjustable times.
5、Bottle Ejection
Once the bottles have been blown, they are transferred outside the blowing mold by means of a simple mechanical system. The bottles can be discharged on air conveyors, dropped in bulk or discharged onto a table top conveyor.